Women's Health

Many women’s health concerns can be effectively treated with naturopathic medicine. Some of these concerns include menstrual irregularities and PMS, menopause symptoms, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), urinary tract infections, yeast infections, fertility concerns, thyroid disorders and other hormonal imbalances, osteoporosis/ osteopenia and breast health concerns.

The first step in addressing women’s health concerns is to properly assess contributing factors. If a hormonal imbalance is suspected, blood testing may be required. These blood tests can be done by Dr. Andresen or by your family doctor. Dr. Andresen offers both salivary and blood testing to assess female hormone levels. Salivary testing is offered because it can be more effective than blood testing since it measures the bioavailable levels for a particular hormone.

In addition to hormone testing, Dr. Andresen may conduct in office lab testing as needed for more immediate results. For example, a screening test for a urinary tract infection can be done in office and treatment recommended immediately.

Treatment for women’s health concerns varies depending on the outcome of Dr. Andresen’s assessment. Typically a combination of dietary changes along with nutrients and herbs are recommended.
In some cases Dr. Andresen may also recommend acupuncture, particularly for fertility and menstrual concerns. Acupuncture around conception efforts has been shown to improve blood flow in the uterus and enhance fertility outcomes. Dr. Andresen is well trained in acupuncture protocols around fertility and menstrual health.

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