Naturopathic Health Care and OHIP & Insurance Coverage

OHIP & Insurance Coverage for Naturopathy

While Naturopathic Doctors are not covered by O.H.I.P., most employee extended healthcare plans will cover visits to a Naturopath. Typically, benefits cover both service fees and the majority of standard bloodwork ordered by Dr. Andresen. Occasionally, plans will also cover the purchase of supplements prescribed by Dr. Andresen but this is not often the case. Dr. Andresen does work within budget constraints when prescribing supplementation.

Please consult with your benefits provider to find out the extent of your coverage. There is a wide range of naturopathic coverage available. On average , about $500 per year seems to be the average amount included in benefit plans.

Note that Naturopaths no longer charge HST on their services. As of February 2014, the Canadian Federal Government granted Naturopaths HST exemption status.

To use your insurance coverage, simply submit the invoice your receive from Dr. Andresen for naturopathic services to your insurance provider. The invoice includes Dr. Andresen’s license number. Once you submit this claim to your insurance company, they will process this invoice and send you a reimbursement cheque.

Please contact  NDcare Naturopathic Clinics if you have any additional questions regarding health benefits and naturopathic services.