Thyroid Function and Metabolism

Dr. Andresen does a lot of work with people around optimizing thyroid function. In assessing thyroid function, Dr. Andresen reviews relevant thyroid blood testing results in comparison to optimal thyroid function. She will also screen for thyroid antibodies if this has not yet been done.

Assessing thyroid function includes blood work as well as reviewing both presenting symptoms and basal body temperature readings. Many people are medicated for hypothyroidism but still experience symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, depression, cold intolerance and hair changes. This is where an integrative approach to medicine is vital.

Dr. Andresen prescribes nutrients and herbal support to improve thyroid function and symptoms in those with hypothyroidism who are taking thyroid medications. Alternatively, in a newly diagnosed case of mild hypothyroidism, natural treatments can often be used effectively without the need for medication. Moreover, not only are naturopathic treatments are effective in improving hypothyroidism, naturopathy can be used effective to treat comorbid conditions that can occur with hypothyroidism including elevated cholesterol and irregular menstrual cycles.

While hypothyroidism is more common than hyperthyroidism, Dr. Andresen also offers a number of effective treatments to support a person with hyperthyroidism. There are a number of important nutrients and herbs that work well to calm an overactive thyroid. Dr. Andresen follows an integrated approach and will consult with the attending MD when treating a person with hyperthyroidism.

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