Natural Allergy Treatments

Dr. Andresen has successfully treated many people who suffer from environmental and seasonal allergies. Whether allergies are related to pet dander, dust or mould or a result of seasonal pollen, grass or ragweed allergens, there are natural treatment options to significantly improve symptoms.

After identifying the specific allergens through in-office testing, Dr. Andresen puts together a specific plan to decrease histamine levels and consequent symptoms. In addition to reducing consumption of mucous forming and histamine containing foods, Dr. Andresen will prescribe certain nutrients at a therapeutic level to reduce the body’s production of histamine. For example, there are certain bioflavonoids such as Quercitin, that have been shown to blunt allergen responsiveness.

Sublingual Immunotherapy Drops (SLIT)
In addition, Dr. Andresen has seen significant improvement with Sublingual Immunotherapy Drops (oral SLIT drops) which introduce a minute amount of the allergen as a way to slowly decrease responsiveness to the allergen over time. SLIT drops have been used for decades in Europe with considerable success and are now offered through Dr. Andresen at NDcare. The drops act similarly allergy injections but are much more convenient because a doctor’s office visit is not required each time the treatment is administered. As well, up to 4 different allergens can be included in each vial, in contrast to injections which focus on only one allergen at a time. Dr. Andresen’s patients have found the drops work very well and over time the goal is to decrease allergen reactivity to the point that the drops are no longer required.

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