Improving Energy, Mood and Stress

Improving Energy, Mood and Stress

Dr. Andresen has successfully helped many people improve their energy levels with natural therapies.  Low energy can be due to many factors including suboptimal nutrient intake, poor nutrient absorption, thyroid concerns, blood sugar fluctuations, inadequate or poor quality sleep and over or under stress hormone production.

As part of the comprehensive assessment conducted by Dr. Andresen, she will typically request the latest bloodwork from your medical doctor or request new bloodwork to better identify the root cause for your fatigue.  She looks for not only normal, but optimal blood levels for the relevant tests.  This can be very important because often suboptimal levels are overlooked.

Treatment can include a variety of options depending on the root cause identified. Often food changes are made and some vitamins and herbs are recommended as part of the plan.

Natural Mood & Stress Support

Naturopathic medicine has many options to improve depression, anxiety and general stress concerns.   Often this involves balancing the sympathetic nervous system which when overactive results in the fight of flight response that can include racing thoughts, increased heart rate, muscle tension and sometimes palpitations, shortness of breath and excess sweating.

In addition, Naturopaths look at support the building blocks needed for adequate neurotransmitter production. Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that control mood, sleep and anxiety and include serotonin, gaba and dopamine.   As well, Dr. Andresen will look at cortisol and thyroid hormone levels which can affect mood and anxiety.

Treatment involves adding foods and precursor nutrients that support the production of relevant neurotransmitters and also adding precursor vitamins and nutrients that improve neurotransmitter production.  In some patients, acupuncture is also use to better balance the sympathetic nervous system.

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