Your First Naturopathy Appointment

First Appointments in Detail

Your initial appointment with Dr. Andresen consists of two parts.  This consultation is divided into two parts: Part (1) a 60 minute Assessment and Part (2) a 30 minute Treatment Plan discussion.

The Assessment and Treatment Plan visits are scheduled on separate days to allow for request of medical records from your MD and preparation by Dr. Andresen of your comprehensive treatment plan. Also, Dr. Andresen often gives homework to be done between the Assessment and Treatment Plan session (ex. Diet diary, basal body temperature tracking, stomach acid test, etc).

(NOTE: Urgent health concerns will be addressed during the assessment as needed.)

Part (1): Assessment and Initial Treatment Recommendations (60 minutes)

– Completion of Health Intake Forms
– Detailed Discussion of Current Health Concerns and Medical History
– Physical Examination
– Complimentary Vitamin B12 injection (optional)
–  Initial Treatment Plan
–  Request previous lab test results from family doctor or order new lab testing if needed.

Part (2): Complimentary Follow Up Visit (30 minutes)

– Scheduled 1-2 weeks after the 60 minute assessment and treatment plan visit.
– Review progress, any tracking sheets if required and any lab testing that has been requested
– Implement next steps in the treatment plan.

Additional follow up visits will then be scheduled as needed to best ensure that your health needs are being met.

Book your first appointment online, or give us a call, we look forward to meeting your naturopathic healthcare needs!