Children's Health

Dr. Andresen has successfully treated many children with naturopathic medicine for a variety of concerns ranging from acute infections and digestive health issues to sleep and ADHD spectrum concerns.

A first naturopathic visit for a child lasts 60 minutes and also includes a free 30 minute follow up appointment. Fees are reduced for children under 18. At the first 60 minute session, Dr. Andresen will review your child’s full medical history and current health concerns. She will then conduct a physical examination. Following the examination, Dr. Andresen will give you some initial recommendations to get started on with your child and discuss any lab testing that may be helpful. Then, the 30 minute complimentary follow up appointment will be scheduled within 1-2 weeks to assess progress and review lab testing along with additional recommendations from Dr. Andresen.

Treatment typically includes some dietary and lifestyle changes as well as the addition of relevant nutrients and herbal support. Dosing for nutrients and herbs is specific to the child’s size and Dr. Andresen takes into account the challenges that can occur with getting kids to take various medicines, whether natural or conventional. She provides parents with kid friendly methods and supplement options to ensure compliance with her recommendations.

As a mother herself, Dr. Andersen understands the importance of putting children at ease during their visit to her office. She is very comfortable engaging and communicating with children.

Book your appointment with Dr. Andresen to find out how your child’s health concerns can be addressed with naturopathic medicine.