Skin Conditions

Natural Skin Condition Treatment Options

Many skin conditions can be effectively treated with natural therapies, including acne, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, allergic reactions and other skin concerns.

When treating skin conditions, Naturopaths attempt to identify and treat the root cause of the skin concern.  For example, acne can be due to food sensitivities, blood sugar dysregulation, nutritional deficiencies, impaired digestion and hormonal imbalances.  Treatment targets these root causes for long term improvements while also providing short term symptom support.   Recommendations may include food changes as well as supplementation with relevant herbs and vitamins.  Some bloodwork may be required to identify food sensitivities and hormonal irregularities.

Other conditions including eczema also may have a number of possible root causes including food sensitivities, bacterial or fungal infections and suboptimal essential fatty acids.  Identifying the right root cause will dictate the specific treatment recommendations made by Dr. Andresen.

Various allergic reactions can also cause skin changes and result in unusual red patches and itchiness. These reactions can be due to environmental allergens as well as food sensitivities but sometimes they are not due to allergies and are actually a sign of a fungal infection.  Dr. Andresen has successfully treated many of these types of skin reactions with both food changes and herbal support.

Dr. Andresen has effectively treated many skin conditions in her naturopathic practice. For more information please contact NDcare Naturopathic Clinics at 647-330-1551.