Naturopathy Pricing

NEW! We now offer Direct Billing to most insurance companies, saving you the upfront costs!

Naturopathic doctors are not covered by O.H.I.P. However, most employers’ extended healthcare plans will cover visits to naturopathic clinics and acupuncture. Check with your employer or insurance company about your eligibility for naturopathy coverage.

For your convenience, Dr. Tara Andresen accepts Visa, MasterCard, debit, cash, or cheque. She will also provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

New Patient Appointment Fees

*this fee covers both first AND second appointments

Adult - New Patient Visit


Child - New Patient Visit


Your naturopathic new patient visit process includes:

  1. Comprehensive review of medical history and previous lab testing if done, followed by a physical examination.
  2. Assessment and initial treatment plan, including recommendations for additional lab testing as needed
  3. Follow-Up Report of Findings visit to review any additional test results if done as well as treatment progress, followed by next steps in the treatment plan.
  4. (Optional) Energizing Vitamin B12 Injection (supports energy, mood and sleep)

Learn more about your first naturopathic visit.

Follow-up Appointment Fees


(19 and over)

Brief Follow-up Visit

  • Adult Follow-up Appointment

Regular Follow-up Visit

  • Adult Follow-up Appointment

Extended Follow-up Visit

  • Adult Follow-up Appointment

Returning Patient Visit - if over 12 months since last visit

  • Adult Follow-up Appointment

Package of Three (3) Regular Follow Up Visits (30 min each)

  • Adult Follow-up Appointment


(18 and under)

Regular Follow up Visit

  • Child Follow-up Appointment

Extended Follow up Visit

  • Child Follow-up Appointment

Acupuncture/Trigger Point Dry Needling Fees

Acupuncture/ Trigger Point Dry Needling is a safe and effective natural treatment method for many health conditions. Trigger Point Dry Needling is an effective medical treatment for muscle tension, pain and stiffness using acupuncture needles.

First Treatment

  • Includes Assessment & Treatment

Follow Ups

  • Follow Up Treatment – First Visit Required

Package of 3 Treatments

  • Package:  3 X 30 Min – Follow Up Sessions

Other Fees:

Vitamin B12 Injection:  $20

Please note that Dr. Andresen offers students and seniors a 15% discount on visits to her Toronto naturopathic clinic. Supplements and lab testing are subject to additional fees.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that Dr. Andresen requires 24 hours’ notice by phone or email to cancel any appointment. Appointments that are not cancelled within this time are charged 50% of the appointment fee. Exceptions can be made in emergency situations.

Book your appointment with Dr. Tara Andresen at one of our conveniently-located Toronto naturopath clinics, or give us a call and book over the phone.