Your First Naturopath Visit – What To Expect

No matter what your health concerns, Toronto Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Tara Andresen is committed to creating a customized health plan in order for you to maximize your health and well-being – which to us means amazing health.

Your comprehensive naturopathic New Patient Visit process with Dr. Andresen’s naturopathic clinic includes three parts.

Part 1

First we conduct a comprehensive functional health history, exam and assessment with preliminary treatment recommendations. During your first session, lasting about 60 minutes, Dr. Tara Andresen will conduct an extensive intake discussion about your medical history and current health issues. She will also do a physical exam and then provide you with an initial treatment plan to get started on.  You will also be offered a complimentary Vitamin B12 injection. Vitamin B12 injections bypass digestion for better absorption and support energy, sleep and nervous system function.

Part 2  

If needed Dr. Andresen will request previous lab results from your family doctor and/or order new lab testing.  This may be important in order to rule in or rule out any underlying elements that are contributing to your current health condition.  The doctor reviews and interprets these test results based on your unique bio-individuality.

Part 3

Your next visit includes your follow up Report of Findings session, where Dr. Andresen will review with you, in detail, her findings based on your exam, history and test results.  She also reviews your treatment plan with any updates and how to implement it to reach your healing and health goals.

Naturopathic doctors provide treatments for a wide range of health issues, including digestive issues, hormonal health, pain management, cardiovascular care, skin concerns, women’s health, stress and fatigue related conditions and much more.

Subsequent follow-up visits and therapies with Dr. Andresen are scheduled as needed to monitor your progress and ensure accountability.

Typically, the next follow-up visit may be scheduled two to three weeks after your second session. Dr. Andresen will work with you to book follow-up visits in a way that addresses any budget or scheduling constraints. Naturopathic fees are covered by most employer extended healthcare plans.

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