Your initial naturopathic visit will last 90 minutes in total. There are two parts to an initial naturopathic visit:

Part 1: An in-depth, 60-minute health assessment with medical history review and physical examination. Initial treatment recommendations made. Previous lab tests may be requested from family doctor. New lab testing requested as needed. Includes an optional Vitamin B12 injection.
Part 2: A complimentary 30 minute follow up visit to review progress and implement next steps in the treatment plan.

At your 60 minute health assessment appointment, Dr. Andresen will conduct a detailed intake discussion about your medical history and current health issues. She will also do a physical examination and you will be offered an optional Vitamin B12 injection. Vitamin B12 injections bypass digestion for better absorption and supports energy, sleep and nervous system function. If needed, previous lab testing will be requested from a patient’s family doctor. In some cases new lab testing will be ordered.

Your next appointment is the complimentary 30 minute follow up visit, normally scheduled 1-2 weeks after your initial intake appointment.  During this session, you will review your progress, providing you with the opportunity to ask questions and modify any part of the plan.  Next steps in the treatment plan will be implemented.

Additional follow-up appointments are then scheduled as needed to monitor your progress and ensure that your health needs are being met.  Dr. Andresen will work with you to book follow up visits in a way that addresses any budget or scheduling constraints.

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